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Television Celebrity's Plastic Surgery Disaster Driving Tests Brazil - Abc News

> In October, a 39-year-old female died from a pulmonary embolism hrs after hydrogel was infused in her butts in the city of Goiana. Specialists and also protestors worry that Brazil's culture of charm has numbed women to the threats and also motivated them to explore riskier, untested products and also techniques and even unlicensed professionals. "" They are selling us these plastic surgeries, these synthetic shots like it was any other product,"" claimed Sara Wintertime, a females's rights activist who protested on Copacabana beach in December with a large needle made of cardboard and also signs sending out good long for Urach's healing. While Brazil has around 5,500 accredited cosmetic surgeons, an additional 12,000 physicians without specialized training are doing cosmetic treatments, according to the nation's Federal Council of Medicine, which is in charge of clinical licenses. As well as some females rely on paramedics, or perhaps individuals without medical training at all. Brazil's Plastic Surgery Culture claimed Urach was offered a dose of silicone gel 200 times just what the government allows and utilized a hydrogel that isn't really authorized by the UNITED STATE > For the initial variation including any kind of supplemental photos or video, visit > http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/tv-stars-plastic-surgery-disaster-tests-brazil-28537962

TELEVISION Nets Chaotic Shows As a result of Ads To Offset Lost Viewers In Q4|Due date

> Can CEOs Persuade Commercial That TVs Lost Ad Dollars Will Come Back? Its an important consideration for investors as they await mediacompanies Q4 financial results and also sights regarding whether electronic systems are beginning to siphon advertisement dollars from TELEVISION. Raising clutter is short-sighted, Juenger states, due to the fact that audience engagement is certainly minimized leaving buyers getting to thebrain-dead. Which doesn't feel like an attractive audience target for lots of brand names, except maybe particular infomercial products. He singles out Viacom, A+E and/or Discovery as the worst culprits amongst major cable network owners when you factor out sporting activities and/or kids programs, as a result of business time boosts of greater than 3.5 % vs the last three months of 2013. Time Detector was close behind, particularly at Grownup Swim and TBS. Undoubtedly, Viacom and also A+E accounted for 9 of the 10 most ad-loaded cord nets. Leading the list areCMT (as a result of 109.1 prime time industrial hours in the quarter), Life time (98.6), MTV (98.4), TV Land (97.4), and also VH1 (95.5). [It should be noted that Juenger is one of Viacoms most strenuous doubters.] Recent Remarks > For the original version including any sort of additional photos or video, check out > http://deadline.com/2015/01/tv-networks-commercial-advertising-clutter-1201361369/

TV scores: 'Em pire' stays very hot, 'Criminal Minds' surges Wednesday - Zap2it|News & & Features

> Email me when the show broadcasts Email me the current stories of Realm By Rick Porter Jan 29th, 2015 "" Realm"" continued its boffo efficiency in the Rapid National ratings for Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, scoring its greatest total audience to date as well as matching recently's 18-49 ranking. Although "" American Idolizer"" was down some, FOX still easily led the evening. Somewhere else Wednesday, "" Wrongdoer Minds"" and also "" Stalker"" each enhanced for CBS. "" Arrow"" was even with last week for The CW, while "" The ONE HUNDRED"" increased a little bit. ABC and also NBC each aired a complete slate of repeats on the eve of February sweeps. FOX attracted 11.15 million viewers and also a 6.8 rating/11 share in residentials in primetime, defeating CBS (9.4 million, 5.9/ 10) by a good margin. > For the original version including any type of supplementary pictures or video, visit > http://www.zap2it.com/blogs/tv_ratings_january_28_2015_empire_stays_hot_criminal_minds_rises_wednesday-2015-01

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